A New Year, A New Venture


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Well first things first – HAPPY NEW YEAR!! What do you mean it’s almost been 2 weeks?  I honestly don’t know where the time has gone, but like most people this January I am planning to get more organised and really make time for this blog again as it has just slipped way down the […] Read more…

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So Many Decisions to Make: The Kitchen


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Sorry it’s been a while on the house updates, there’s been roughly a gazillion and one things to do since we’ve actually completed on the house – obviously. There are many posts to be written on the work done so far – mostly on the ripping out of pretty much every room and the damp proofing […] Read more…

New Personalised Mugs for All Occasions


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I’m so excited about this new equipment, and most of all the white toner. The personalisation options are just fabulous and the gorgeousness it makes on the coloured mugs is simply brilliant.  Gorgeousness is absolutely a word and I get to make gorgeous personalised mugs! I love that I can print anything and have it […] Read more…

We Have Finally Completed and Own a Flat


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I know! I can hardly believe it either, but we have finally completed and own our very first home! I was beginning to think it was never going to happen, and really it’s rather worrying(?) annoying(?) (I’m not really sure what word I’m after here) baffling maybe, how quickly it all zoomed through to completion […] Read more…

Could There be a Completion Date on the Horizon?


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So you’re never going to believe it, but there could well be a completion date on the very foreseeable horizon! As in Friday horizon, I know right I almost don’t believe it either – and I guess there is still a chance it might not.  Let’s rewind a bit and see what has happened this […] Read more…

Just When You Think You’re Getting Somewhere


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Last week it felt like we might be getting somewhere this week – this week it feels like we’re getting nowhere again. Yet another week of next to no progress, despite the lack of progress last week, it felt like something might be changing and moving in our favour to have something happen this week […] Read more…

An Astonishing Lack of Progress on the House


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For the majority of this week, there has been no progress on the house – then in the last 24 hours there has been a tiny flurry! We had no correspondence from anyone between Thursday and Monday, except a message from the Estate Agent on Monday saying the Solicitor had been in touch and was sending […] Read more…

Exciting New Personalisation Opportunites


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I’ve already announced a bit on Twitter and the such like, but I’m so excited to show you all the new equipment that arrived last week which allows so many amazing printing and personalisation opportunities. Woo hoo! This has been in the pipeline for a couple of months now and it is finally a wonderful […] Read more…

The Latest from The House with Rumours of Progress


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It’s true what they say – it never rains but pours or something to that effect and it feels like we’ve had that rather a lot lately with moving 250 miles, trying to buy a house, set up an office and build up several businesses all at once, it all gets a bit much sometimes. However […] Read more…

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