Fresh Starts and New Beginnings

Fresh Starts and New Beginnings

Well here we go time for a Fresh Start.   I’m sure you will all agree that trying to start blogging again at 35 weeks pregnant makes total sense! However I felt a sudden urge to start this blog up again. Especially as I am at a completely different stage in my life to when it […] Read more…


A New Year, A New Venture

Well first things first – HAPPY NEW YEAR!! What do you mean it’s almost been 2 weeks?  I honestly don’t know where the time has gone, but like most people this January I am planning to get more organised and really make time for this blog again as it has just slipped way down the […] Read more…


So Many Decisions to Make: The Kitchen

Sorry it’s been a while on the house updates, there’s been roughly a gazillion and one things to do since we’ve actually completed on the house – obviously. There are many posts to be written on the work done so far – mostly on the ripping out of pretty much every room and the damp proofing […] Read more…


New Personalised Mugs for All Occasions

I’m so excited about this new equipment, and most of all the white toner. The personalisation options are just fabulous and the gorgeousness it makes on the coloured mugs is simply brilliant.  Gorgeousness is absolutely a word and I get to make gorgeous personalised mugs! I love that I can print anything and have it […] Read more…


We Have Finally Completed and Own a Flat

I know! I can hardly believe it either, but we have finally completed and own our very first home! I was beginning to think it was never going to happen, and really it’s rather worrying(?) annoying(?) (I’m not really sure what word I’m after here) baffling maybe, how quickly it all zoomed through to completion […] Read more…

A Fairly Organised Chaos

Welcome to my blog, a little space I have carved out of the inter webs to have just for myself (and hopefully anyone who wishes to come along for the ride or who has similar likes and interests – you have good taste!) where I can document my new adventures as a Mummy and passions of Planning, Weddings, Disney and Harry Potter – when any of these get combined … well I get very excited.

Things You Might Like To Know:

I became a Mummy in March 2017 and have a new bundle of joy due in January 2019.

I am a Stationery Addict which most people find weird, but I have found a couple of kindred spirits along the way who get just as excited as I do about a nice pen or some fabulously textured paper … are you still with me? Maybe I should have put that fact a little further down.

I am also a Disney Fanatic and have been for as long as I can remember, having grown up in what many call the (2nd) Golden Age of Disney with the likes of The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and The Lion King all within a few short years of each other!  Also Disneyland (or Disneyworld – but Paris is much closer to me than America) is the place in the world where I feel the happiest!

As well as being a Disney Fanatic, I’m also a HUGE Harry Potter Fan (are we seeing an escape from reality theme here, I’m sure psychologists would have a field day), I was that person waiting outside the shops at midnight on Book Release Day and then not sleeping as I had to know what was going to happen – I also love the films (and spent the majority of my adolescence and a little beyond convinced I was going to marry Rupert Grint), however do not even get me started on The Half Blood Prince and their entirely unnecessary Burning of the Burrow!

Crafting is my Biggest Passion! I have been doing it in some way shape or form for as long as I can remember, and in the last couple of years I have started making Wedding Stationery for friends and have gradually started building this up into a company as friends of friends have also become interested.

My last passion I will share with you for now is Pinterest.  I hate the think the hours I have lost scrolling through all those fabulous pins but I can’t remember what I did without it and I hope to share some of my Pinterest experiments through this blog.

Extra Fact

I am also a Twin, something and someone (that someone being my Twin Sister) I am very proud of. We are not identical and I wouldn’t say we have the ‘twin thing’ but we were born 3 months early and we both survived almost unscathed which makes us very very lucky!