A New Year, A New Venture


Well first things first – HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

What do you mean it’s almost been 2 weeks?  I honestly don’t know where the time has gone, but like most people this January I am planning to get more organised and really make time for this blog again as it has just slipped way down the priority list – what with not being moved into the flat yet – yes that flat that we completed on way back in July – but more on that in the coming weeks!

Today I wanted to share with you my new obsession and venture that has come from it, and that obsession is


Which has introduced me to a mahossive community online of #planneraddicts of which I confess I am one and have even gone as far to make my very own – but that will have a whole post dedicated to itself!

The main thing you can’t help but come across in the planning world is stickers! Stickers are absolutely everywhere, and so while I was sitting quietly in front of the fire I started having a play around with some patterns and have created some stickers which I thought I might put in an Etsy shop as printables just to see how they went.

A Creative Bouquet

Above is ‘A Creative Bouquet’ my first ever sticker sheet design, they are designed to fit the Erin Condren Life Planners as it seems that this is the planner that anyone is who anyone has – except me as my Mum said I wasn’t allowed one for Christmas (what do you mean I’m nearly 28) so I ended up making one.

From my little tinker around Dreams Into Plans was created and I’ve just set up shop on Etsy this very day!

So have a looksie if planner stickers are your thing, and over the year I’m hoping to expand to notepads, to do pads, wedding planners, life planners, blog planners and possibly physical stickers to go along with the printable but we shall see how it goes.

dreams into plans feature image

Speak Soon

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