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Hello All,

I’ve been having a play with some different graphics over the weekend and came up with a watercolour background that I just love which I have overlaid with an Inspirational Quote and decided to make into a free printable!

I’ve been a bit obsessed with the whole watercolour look for a while now and found this great tutorial on youtube about how to create a picture watercolour using GIMP which is the programme I currently have, while I muster up the courage to learn photoshop and pay the monthly subscription you now need just to get it!

Just in case anyone else needs reminding that while anything is possible, we can’t do everything all in one go!

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If anyone else is a font lover like me, the fonts used are Amatic and Botanica Script, and I’d also highly recommend checking out Design Cuts as they have great deals on fonts – which it just so happens is where I got the Botanica Font from and it is currently my favourite!

I’m really happy with how this turned out with the watercolour effects! Simply right click, or command click if you’re on a mac the image and save it to print, or do as you wish.

This is my first printable so please let me know any comments you might have – or things that could be improved 🙂

Speak Soon

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