Baby Shower Cupcakes


At the beginning of this year my Best Friend had her first baby – he’s the first arrival of the group so there was much excitement and a want to get the baby shower just right.  I went to my favourite go to place – pinterest and found these Baby Shower Cupcakes from Lena’s Cakes:

Lenas Cakes Baby Shower Toppers


I didn’t have time to wait for these toppers to be shipped all the way from Greece and in general I’m not sure how I feel about food stuffs coming through the post, so I thought I’d give them a go myself and I’m so happy I did and very chuffed with how mine turned out.

baby shower cupcakes02Here they are in their creation, they were so easy to make. I used white fondant which was coloured with a little bit of red and a little bit of yellow until I achieved the desired flesh colour, then cut out simple plain circles to cover the tops of my cupcakes. I then cut out some scalloped circles from blue fondant, cut it in half and placed it on the top half of the plain circles, followed by a straight line which I added little lines to.

I rolled a little ball of flesh coloured fondant to make a nose, then made two little holes with the end of a bamboo stick and filled them to two little blue balls of fondant, finished off with a slightly bigger ball of blue and a slightly smaller one on top to make a dummy and that was it!

baby shower cupcakes

They worked a lot better when they were placed on the cupcakes shortly after being made as they followed the curve of the cupcake, those that were left a little longer and had begun to firm up which sat straight didn’t look quite as effective.

I also made some little baby bottles as well.

What do you think – do you have any baby showers coming up?

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