Could There be a Completion Date on the Horizon?


could there be a completion date

So you’re never going to believe it, but there could well be a completion date on the very foreseeable horizon! As in Friday horizon, I know right I almost don’t believe it either – and I guess there is still a chance it might not. ┬áLet’s rewind a bit and see what has happened this week – you may well notice there has been a lot, A LOT of asking when the money is being transferred – did I say a lot?

house timeline 7As I said – every single day this week we were asked by either the Solicitor or the Estate Agent – or both when we would be transferring the money, and every day we replied with ‘when we are given a completion date’ we don’t want to transfer that sum of money without an end date so it can just sit in their account gathering interest! They’re already getting enough money from us, for seemingly doing nothing.

After a good 5 or so days of this back and forth we were eventually told that we could choose a completion date for ourselves that they could work towards! WHAT?! Why weren’t we told this at the start – especially as 3 completion dates have already passed us by, so lets hope they can stick to this one!

Keep everything crossed, and you never know this time next week we may own a flat!


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