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Happy Bank Holiday Monday to all in the UK, hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather – and on a Bank Holdiay?! What a rare treat! As it also happens to be the 4th May (also known as Star Wars Day) I thought I’d share a table plan I made for one of Best Friends’ Wedding which just so happened to be a Death Star Table Plan!

deathstar table plan01


All of the names were based on Star Wars Alliances, so we thought it was only fitting to display them on a hanging Death Star! As I took rather a lot of photos in the making process I thought I’d share that with you all too!

Making Deathstar01It all started with a beach ball. Well it actually started with a balloon, then a beach ball, then another beach ball then this was the 4th base I tried as in true Goldilocks fashion the others were all too big or too small and this one turned out to be just about right in the end. (I believe it was a 36″ beach ball if anyone else is interested in creating their own.)

Making Deathstar02

Then it was on with the layers of paper mache, just using good old fashioned flour and water and lots of newspapers.  I did around 3 layers (it’s perched on a wine cooler), and then deflated the beach ball, took it out and cut a hole around the one that was already there at the base using a bowl as a template.

Making Deathstar03

It was originally intended to be used as a Pinata so before I closed it up I cut up ALOT of tissue paper and put inside as well as putting the ribbon up through the top for it to hang through.

Making Deathstar04Then I made the laser bit by doing a couple of layers over Paper Mache over a bowl and then hot glued it in place before covering the whole thing again with around another 3 or 4 layers of paper mache!

Making Deathstar05

There’s the trusty beach ball deflated next to the Death Star which is beginning to take shape!

I forgot to take pictures of the next step, but once I was happy with the number of layers and happy that it would be strong enough to hold up on it’s own I used the ribbon I had attached to hanging and hung the whole thing from a portable rail which I took outside and sprayed the whole thing with a couple of layers of grey primer to cover up the newsprint, followed by a couple of layers of silver metallic spray paint – leaving each layer to dry before adding the next.

Making Deathstar06Next I covered up the laser point as I wanted this to stay the silver colour, and using a picture of the Death Star for guidance I used different widths of masking tape to cover up various areas, then it was back outside to be sprayed with a dark grey metallic paint.

Making Deathstar07Once the darker layer was dry and the masking tape had been removed I was left with this, so now it was time to begin adding the details.
Making Deathstar08

Making Deathstar09

 I added some 6mm black satin ribbon all the way around the middle of the wide silver strip, and then began dotting on white 3D paint and sparkly glitter glue at random in all the darker grey areas to mimic the lights and give it a slight sparkle as this was for a Wedding after all. I used a sharpie marker to add the detail to the laser area. I also added 12 jump rings around the base which were hot glue in place for added security as this is where the table plan itself was to hang from.

deathstar table plan01And there we have it the final Table Plan in place at the Wedding.

deathstar table plano2

deathstar table plan03The Table Names were printed and the Foiled using my Foil It which you can read just why I Love It here

deathstar table plan04I’d love to know what your thoughts are? Have you made any Star Wars inspired projects, or have any planned?

May the Fourth be With You

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