Fresh Fruit Smoothie


As it’s friday I thought I’d post a foodie recipe. This week we have the Fresh Fruit Smoothie, this is really just an addition to the Healthy Ice Cream I posted a few weeks ago but I felt it deserved it’s own post as this method makes it a drink.

Put very very simply, you make the healthy ice cream by whizzing up frozen bananas and any other frozen fruit you may desire, then juice some fresh fruits (if you don’t have a juicer I’m sure it’s still tasty with bought juices) and then pour this juice into the creamy frozen fruits while the food processor is in action and you are left with the most amazing creamy smoothie without any of the extra calories of ice cream or yogurt.

smoothie with fruit

I initially came up with the idea of combining the two (of the frozen fruit ice cream and juiced fruits) when I really wanted a Boost style smoothie but didn’t have any frozen yogurt, nor could I really be bothered to go out and get any, so I was thinking – can I make frozen yogurt? Then I remembered the whizzing up of frozen bananas creates a creamy consistency, I wonder what would happen if I combined the two, so I did … and it was amazing!!

Below is my favourite combination of fresh and frozen fruits, however it’s entirely up to you what you use! This recipe is made for experimenting!!

fresh fruit smoothieI’d love to hear what different combinations you have tried!

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