Just When You Think You’re Getting Somewhere


Last week it felt like we might be getting somewhere this week – this week it feels like we’re getting nowhere again.

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Yet another week of next to no progress, despite the lack of progress last week, it felt like something might be changing and moving in our favour to have something happen this week to move things along – but shock of horrors – that would be a great big no.

Let’s take a look at the timeline of this weeks updates:

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Having queried the bill that was sent over with the larger than expected bill, we were simply told by the Solicitor that he had copied the original fees sheet that he had been sent, however I checked all the fees sheets that had been sent over by both the current and the previous Solicitors and these figures seemed to be higher than all of them, so I don’t really understand and the Solicitor seems to either not know, or not be willing to discuss anything any further, other than the money we’re supposed to be sending over.

Another Suggested Completion Date Rolls By

I email the Estate Agent just to give them a heads up that we’re still waiting for the Lease to arrive in the post, for us to send back, therefore we obviously will not be completing that day, and are told we have clearly misunderstood our Solicitor and could have emailed everything back and didn’t have to wait to send it back by post – silly me, the ‘send it back by post‘ in the email clearly means something else.

Over the weekend we had a chat with my Mum and Dad just to double check that we were all happy with everything, then signed and sent everything back by email as requested and almost nagged on friday afternoon.

Having received nothing back from the Solicitor throughout Monday or Tuesday Morning, I emailed to double check he had received our documents that they had been chasing up and also to try and find out where the lease had got to, as it had supposedly been sent a week ago and we still haven’t received it – which isn’t great.

Finally got a reply on Wednesday to say that the Lease had been sent to my correspondence address, which I have a sneaking suspicion could be my address down south, despite telling them that my actual address for ‘corresponding’ is the welsh one – but who knows. So now I’m awaiting confirmation on exactly which address the lease has been sent to and why it has taken so long – surely something as important as that should at least be sent 1st class and tracked!

Anyhoo we’re all up to date!

Fingers crossed for at least an exchange date by this time next week!

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