Why I Love – The Cricut Expression


Ah The Cricut!!

I honestly don’t know where I would be without it!  I have the original Cricut Expression, I know in the grand scheme of things this is rather old as they have since updated with the Cricut Expression 2 and most recently the Cricut Explore, both of which I would love to own but I don’t really have the funds to update it and I also don’t see the need to, it works perfectly well!

I first got my Cricut back in 2008 (wow was it really that long ago? Thats 7 years! Crazy) and I haven’t looked back since.  Based on my Crafting Juices I have used my Cricut at least on a weekly basis if not a daily basis since I first bought it and I can assure you it has never let me down!

heart cricutThe only bone I have to pick with the Cricut System is the cutting mats and how they lose their stick, however I’ve learnt a few tips and tricks over the years from fellow Cricut users that have come up with solutions for the making the mats last longer.

I also couldn’t be without my Cricut Gypsy which I shall do another post on, and which I’m sad to say has been made slightly redundant with the creation of the Cricut Design Space and their modernisation with the apps and wireless additions, but I’m not quite that up to date yet.  But whichever system you might have, having the access to creating your own designs within the Cricut Stystem opens up around a gazillion more possibilities.  I haven’t counted them all obviously but it has to be around that number.

So after my little love note to the Cricut I thought I’d add a gallery to the bottom of this post showcasing just a selection of the many projects I have created with the almighty Cricut – without a doubt in my Top 3 All Time Favourite Crafting Products (it may even be my favourite)!

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