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mug pinI’m so excited about this new equipment, and most of all the white toner. The personalisation options are just fabulous and the gorgeousness it makes on the coloured mugs is simply brilliant.  Gorgeousness is absolutely a word and I get to make gorgeous personalised mugs!

I love that I can print anything and have it on a mug within 5 minutes! We’ve been making lots of lovely designs both wedding based and for all other occasions, including baby showers, and just a bit of fun with moustaches and comic book looks.

mugs display 01

I’m going to be waxing lyrical about this white toner for a while – just so you know. It just makes printing on these coloured mugs – which are beautiful by themselves with the satin finish just all the more impressive and they really stand out and are just that little bit different as far as personalised mugs, or any mugs really go.

I can’t quite decide which colour mug is my favourite to print the white on – I think I might be just leaning towards the red, but whichever colour I print on, if it’s with the white toner I’m always astounded.mugs display 02Have I mentioned I really love the white toner yet?

 That’s not to say the colour prints on the white mugs aren’t just as beautiful because they are, the possibilities open up in an entirely different way here in the endless colour combinations.  I even printed a colour restored photo onto one of the white mugs the other day which was awesome!

And this is just the beginning!

 mugs display 03

I also really really want to get a purple mug in this finish – which is possible as any pantone (that’s a fancy colour index for those who don’t know) colour can be mixed, but you have to order at least 1000, and I don’t really have the money, space or demand for such things at the moment, as currently the demand is me and as much as I love mugs, and I really do, I’m not sure what I’d do with 1000.

Speak Soon

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