Paper Flower Bouquet


If it hasn’t become apparent already I am a huge HUGE fan of paper, I also love weddings and I’m always looking for more things that can be made for Weddings from paper, and last year I came across the Paper Flower Bouquet! They are incredibly time consuming to make but in my opinion so absolutely worth it!

Paper Flower BouquetThis is one I made last year with a combination of different flower styles, just to have a play, I have done one since which just has all the Kusudama Origami Flower which, while being the most time consuming is probably my favourite to make.

There are tons and tons of tutorials out there on how to make these flowers, but I’ve also made a quick time lapse video showing how both the rose and the kusudama are made!

I’d love to know what you think, or if you’ve had a go at making these flowers or maybe a different style of Paper Flower Bouquet and how you found it?

Happy Friday Everyone

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