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Just as I was starting to get a rhythm going with this lovely new blog, what d’ya know I’m off on Holiday – alright for some I hear you cry and you would be correct I have just spent a glorious sun filled week in Menorca with my lovely family, but before hand came that age old dilemma of ‘it’s been winter in the UK and now I’m off somewhere hot and sunny which will require the baring of flesh with no time or money for a wax – what to do to get those Silky Smooth Legs?’

So surprise surprise I turned to Pinterest to over me a possible solution that might last a little longer than my usual 6 hours (if I’m lucky) and it did not let me down, the same recipe had been pinned over and over for a solution for the smoothest silky smooth legs ever that I couldn’t just ignore it!  There are tons of this pin out there but this is the particular one I followed from One Good Thing by Jillee.

Despite it’s enormous amount of pins and acclamations of gloriousness as I was a little skeptical but off I went and mixed up my mixture of:

  • 250g sugar
  • 125ml olive oil
  • juice of 1 lemon

smooth legs01This makes a fair amount, the amount left in the cup in the picture is what I had left one I had finished so if I was doing it again I’d either make half the batch above of remember to store it in a jar ready to be used a second time.

So the process for this is, soak your legs (and the rest of you, it’s always good to be pampered) in a nice hot bath for at least 5 minutes to allow the pores to open up, then generously rub on your mixture and give your legs a good scrub, then shave away as per usual, then use the scrub again, scrub scrub scrub and then I’m afraid it’s time to shave again – yes you hear me correctly you have to do it twice – for both legs!  I’ll grant you it’s a tedious process but it really does work and your legs feel really soft and moisturised thanks to the oil, and lovely and bright and shiny due to scrubbing (and shaving all the dead skin off – you’ll see it in the bath it’s pretty gross) with the sugar and lemon juice.

While I don’t think I’ll be doing the full on shaving process on a regular basis if you are like me and need a cheaper and more accessible alternative to going and getting a wax I would definitely recommend this! And I’m also going to start using the scrub just as a scrub in the shower and it’s really a great refresher, be careful to wipe down the shower though as this is oil and it will get slippy!


Really love this, I got a good 36 hours of pure smoothness from doing this technique where as usually if I shave my legs they’re spiky again within a couple of hours – which is why I’m not really fan! But it really does leave you with the silky smooth legs it promises! A must try!

Have you tried this scrub and shave technique, I’d love to hear your results?

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