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Sorry it’s been a while on the house updates, there’s been roughly a gazillion and one things to do since we’ve actually completed on the house – obviously.

There are many posts to be written on the work done so far – mostly on the ripping out of pretty much every room and the damp proofing course that is currently being done, decisions on the bathroom (it will end up being a little bit different to my original mood board) but I thought I would write a post on the room that my attention is currently focused on – and maybe see what you guys think as this one is potentially still up for debate.

So let’s start with a couple of before and after, well more of an in progress than an after! If you’re expecting the second pictures to look better than the first, then you’ll be very disappointed, but here we go:

kitchen beforeSo on face value there was absolutely nothing wrong with The Kitchen, in fact it was very nice and many of you may be wondering why on earth we would want to change it. My answer to that question is – it was disgusting! It would appear simply that new doors had been bought for old cabinets, and inside was another tale altogether of grease and mismatched cupboards, so we decided we might as well gut this room as well while seen as everything else was being done, so here it is now:

kitchen later

 As I say most definitely not an after and more of a – making a blank canvas to start again!

So now onto the exciting bit – what to do with the space?

I made a note of each room’s dimensions as stated on the floor plan with the original listing of the flat on Rightmove and from this made a little scale plan which I have been playing around with, to get an idea of units and prices.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 22.52.10Not the most technical of drawing and not necessarily where we will finish up or finally decide on but it’s a starting point at least to build on and compare to. And just in case you were wondering what all those words up there actually mean/look like, here they are:

The kitchen

 1. KARLBY worktop in oak, Ikea

2. HALLVIKEN 1 1/2 bowl insert sink with drainer, Ikea

3. OMAR 1 Shelf Section, Ikea

4. METOD Corner Base Cabinets with shelf, Ikea

5. FLAVEL Electric Ceramic Range Cooker, Currys

6. METOD Base Cabinet with 3 drawers, Ikea

7. FAGLAVIK Handles, Ikea

8. GLITTRAN Kitchen Mixer Tap in Chrome, Ikea

9. METOD Base Cabinet with 2 doors/drawers

10. HOTPOINT Fridge Freezer in Graphite, Currys

11. METOD Base Cabinet for Sink and 2 Doors, Ikea

12. INDUS Dark Grey Stone Effect Floor and Wall Tile, B&Q

So that’s where we’re at!

Any thoughts anybody has would be greatly appreciated.

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