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I love my Nutribullet! I love Chai! So when I found this pin for a Vanilla Chai Nutriblast I had to try it immediately – no time to waste!

Vanilla Chai Nutriblast Pin


Mmmm there it is, my original pin, which takes you to the Nutri Living Website¬†an official Nutribullet bible of wonderment. If you click the picture or the link it will take you to the original recipe, however mine was a teensy bit different as I didn’t have any coconut milk on hand and as I say I HAD to make it IMMEDIATELY!

So instead of the coconut milk I used soya milk, other than that it was pretty much the same, oh and I only had regular cinnamon but I am very intrigued by this Ceylon Cinnamon and it’s supposed wonder properties. I wasn’t really sure what was meant by ‘1 dash’ either so I had some whole clove and cardamom pods and put one whole clove and broke open and put the contents of one pod in before whooshing up.

chai nutriblast


YUMMY! I think on doing it again I would definitely freeze the banana to give it that slightly creamier texture, and I’m not sure I would put that much cloves and cardamom in, they’re rather overpowering, so I’d say the measurement ‘1 dash’ means less than 1 whole one.

Defintiely one to try again though.

Have you tried this nutriblast? Let me know your thoughts? Yummy or Bleurgh (only technical terms here of course)

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