We Have Finally Completed and Own a Flat


house happenings pin8I know! I can hardly believe it either, but we have finally completed and own our very first home! I was beginning to think it was never going to happen, and really it’s rather worrying(?) annoying(?) (I’m not really sure what word I’m after here) baffling maybe, how quickly it all zoomed through to completion when we were told we could pick our own date and then transferred the money. ┬áReally the entire week before when it was simply an exchange of ‘when are you transferring the money?’ was not needed – and we really could have completed an entire week earlier.

Let’s take a look at the final Buying update timeline:

house timeline 8

It was rather strange how much of any anti-climax the completion was. I simply found 2 missed calls on my phone from both the Solicitor and the Estate Agent (I was at work, which they knew and had been dealing with my man for the last couple of days so why they didn’t try and get in touch with him I do not know – though I shouldn’t be surprised after everything else that we’ve gone through) and that was it. ┬áI didn’t really have anyone to celebrate with as I was on my own at the time and after 3 1/2 months that was suddenly just it, the house was ours.

I suppose the happiest of feelings was that we should never have to speak to that Solicitor again, who just didn’t really seem to have a clue and made everything much harder and drawn out than it should be.

But we’ve already started doing some bits and pieces to the house, taking wallpaper off and preparing for the damp-proofing course that has to happen before we can actually move in, so we’ve basically been making a great big huge mess but have found some amazing original tiles under the carpet that has been laid down which is very exciting.

I’ll be sharing some in progress images very soon of all the hard work that has been going on

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