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It’s true what they say – it never rains but pours or something to that effect and it feels like we’ve had that rather a lot lately with moving 250 miles, trying to buy a house, set up an office and build up several businesses all at once, it all gets a bit much sometimes.

However you’re not here to hear about how much I have heaped on my plate, but what is happening with the house, lets take a look at the timeline shall we:

house timeline 4So as we saw at the end of last weeks time line, we finally received the lease from the Solicitors – can I just take this opportunity again to say how much I hate legal documents! They just make me feel stupid. So anyway my Dad helped us navigate the jargon of the legal speak lease, but even then we had many questions that needed either clarification of a point or term or just a question that had arisen from a particular point.  Basically I ended up sending an email to the Solicitor containing 15 questions to which we want answers rather late on a Friday Afternoon – I’m guessing it was ignored pretty much then and there!

We received an email fairly late on monday saying that our friday email had been printed out for review and that they were still waiting for some correspondence to come back from the seller’s solicitors before a full report would be made – I’m not entirely sure but hoping that this ‘full report’ will answer the majority of our questions.

Tuesday dealt a bit of a surprise with the Estate Agents saying that the Seller would like to complete by 3rd July.  Anyone thinking oh that’s a way away we’re still in June (which is what I thought) and then realised that it’s next friday!! NEXT FRIDAY?!!  That suddenly seems incredibly close and I am suddenly very panicked and don’t actually see how that can suddenly move so quickly when it has been going so incredibly slowly!  That’s not exchange, that’s he wants to complete!!

So yes, now I am panicked – I’m never happy I know, but anyway we shall see what happens in the next week, I’m not convinced and I’m not sure really what I’d rather have happen – only time will tell.

Speak Soon,

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