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The Cuttlebug is such a versatile tool, it allows you to add a whole new depth and dimension to your crafting products – literally! With the abilities to emboss, deboss, letterpress, and die cut here is a little ode to Why I Love The Cuttlebug!

i love cuttlebugThere it is the little beauty, where would I be without it! It must be something about the Cricut family, you can see my post on Why I Love The Cricut Expression here, it’s almost an overused phrase but it really does ‘take your crafting to a whole new level’.  The amount of times I just haven’t known what to do with a card to snazz it up a bit, and then thought ‘I’ll try a bit of embossing’ and it just adds that finishing touch you’re always after.

The Cuttlebug, for those who are not familiar with it, is a die cutting and embossing machine, which put simply is a roller system that adds pressure and allows items to be cut into all kinds of shapes using dies, or to be embossed with embossing folders which pushes the paper (or card or acetate) out or in depending on the way you use it to create some truly stunning effects.  Now there are lots of machine out there that do this, The Big Shot, The Grand Callibur and in recent years electronic ones have come to the market like Tim Holtz’s Vagabond and the Craftwell Cut n Boss which I have to admit I REALLY REALLY want as it does up to A4 in size where as the Cuttlebug has a limited width of 5 inches (but I would say this is it’s only limitation).  To die cut or emboss with any of these machines you effectively sandwich your cutting dies or embossing folders and paper/cardstock/whatever you may be cutting between various cutting plates, run them through the rollers and voila you’ll have a fabulously die cut shape or a wonderfully embossed image.

Below is a gallery of just a selection of items I have made with the help of the fabulous Cuttlebug and when I finally get my hands on a machine that takes me up to A4 size well I’ll be on Cloud 9!

I can’t really begin to properly explain he difference the Cuttlebug has made to my crafting projects, I adore it!

What is your favourite Die Cutting Machine are you a die hard Cuttlebugger or do you stand by another machine whole heartedly?

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