Why I Love The Foil It Machine


Why I Love The Foil It MachineThe Foil It Machine by Patsy May is just fantastic! I first got mine back in 2012 when I was making my first ever Wedding Stationery for a friend and oh my word is it a game changer!! I just adore it.

The Foil It Machine works in pretty much the same way as a laminator (and can also be used for this purpose) but goes up to much higher temperatures which allows it to adhere foil to toner images.  This means printer with either a laser printer or using photocopies – it won’t work with ink-jet images! This however, is more of a bonus than a hinderance as it means you can layer you ink-jet images with your laser ones creating whole new realms of dimension!

You can get The Foil It Machine in either A4 or A3 sizes, and I have the A3 one which means you can fit and A4 sheet through in either direction and of course go up to larger images – should you have A3 toner printing capabilities.

The one down side I have – and this is actually nothing to do with the machine and more to do with my own equipment is that the laser printer I have can’t print on very thick card, it can just go up to 200gsm if I coax it but as I say that’s my equipment and nothing to do with the Foil It machine itself.

It’s amazing the sheer professionalism and elegance that comes from using the Foil It, whether it be a simple accent or your whole card or design piece, and it’s particularly striking on dark card as you’ll see in the example gallery below!

Do you own The Foil It Machine? Do you love it as much as me or do you have a different one you prefer?

I’d love to know your thoughts!

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